About Us

About Us


The Mallam O. & J. Sankoh (Sankoh Foundation) was established in January 2012 with an initial amount of Le.172,000,000 US (about US$40,000). Mallam O. & J. have for a very long time nurtured the idea to establish a foundation to support and strengthen research for health and development in their home country, Sierra Leone. This has been in response to the need for homegrown research to guide health policy and planning in Sierra Leone.

Mallam O. & J. are aware of how difficult it is for a poor country like Sierra Leone to give high priority to research. Many of these countries especially in sub-Saharan Africa have urgent, visible and tangible needs to spend limited resources on service provision to the poor and vulnerable than on research.

However, with the conviction that money spent on research is money equally well-spent for a brighter and healthier people, Mallam O. & J. felt establishing a Charitable Foundation with their own resources would send the right signals to even poor countries. They are equally convinced that they will find like-minded people and institutions along the way who will support the mission of the Sankoh Foundation.