Grant Seekers

Grant Seekers

The Sankoh Foundation makes grants to institutions and other tax-exempt NGOs in Sierra Leone.

The Foundation makes grants to Sierra Leonean Principal Investigators only and they must live in Sierra Leone by the time the grant is awarded.

The PIs may however collaborate with partners who may be non-Sierra Leoneans and who may live in or outside of Sierra Leone.

The Sankoh Foundation makes grants in a broad scope of research areas so long as the proposed work seeks to answer questions related to health and development in Sierra Leone. Please see our programmes page.

The Foundation’s grants are awarded solely for charitable purposes. The Foundation will itself identify suitable organisations to fund in Sierra Leone.

However, the Foundation will accept unsolicited Letters of Inquiry (LOI) from institutions looking for funding. There are no deadlines for their submission. Specific calls may however be given deadlines. All Letters of Inquiry must be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note that the Foundation does not fund:

Scholarships for school/college/university fees

Travel to attend workshops and conferences unless these are part of the research the Foundation supports


For-profit organisations

Unincorporated associations or groups

Please allow 30 days for a reply to your submission. We cannot respond to phone calls or emails about the status of a submitted LOI.

If your LOI is successful, we will the request that you submit a FULL PROPOSAL.

The invitation to submit a full proposal does not constitute an award; the Sankoh Foundation may choose not to fund full proposals even after they have been requested, nor does it commit to pay the costs incurred in developing the full proposal.