Template for Progress Report

Template for Reporting on Progress

Template for Reporting on Progress of a funded Project

The information requested below is what the Sankoh Foundation expects our grantees to submit

We request these reports to help both us and the grantees make a frank assessment the project’s progress.

Reports should be submitted to the Sankoh Foundation staff mentioned in the award letter.

I. Narrative Report

In no more than 10 pages, please include:

  1. Title of grant
  2. Grant Number
  3. Period of grant
  4. Goals / Objectives of the Project
  5. Executive Summary (1 page)
  6. Activities
  7. Progress
    • If you are sending us an interim report, please let us know what progress you have made.
    • If you are sending us a final report, please describe the outcomes of the project (refer to those stated in the grant proposal), and let us know if there were additional outcomes which came out of your project.
  8. Conclusions and recommendations
  9. Tell us about:
    • Any lessons learnt
    • If appropriate, how you wish to disseminate the information from your project